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Welcome to East Coast Savannahs!

About the Savannah

The Savannah is a intelligent and highly curious cat, a combination that usually results in the cat frequently opening doors, drawers and cabinets. Savannahs are more social than typical cats and are commonly compared to dogs in their loyalty. They will follow their owners around the house like canines. Savannahs are excellent jumpers and can easily jump on doors, refrigerators and ledges. Savannah cats do not fear water, and are actually attracted to it. Some owners even shower with their cats. Savannah cats make friends very easily and will enthrall the owners like no other cat. Some say that Savannah cats look like small leopards or cheetahs. They have proportionately the longest legs of any cat and it takes but minutes to warm to these striking cats.

We invite you to journey with us into "The Sound of the Wild"

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